In January 2010 Oxfordshire County Council adopted the Closer to Communities Strategy, which aims to improve services at the local level through cross organisation and joint working with partners. Didcot was chosen as one of 6 localities that was recognised to face more significant challenges in terms of development, regeneration and inequalities that others faceĀ.

The Didcot locality in January 2010 was home to around 18,800 households, or 42,400 people, with 23,300 living in Didcot and 19,100 in the surrounding parishes. Though the report described Didcot as a vibrant, dynamic and lively town it also forecasts that Didcot needs to cope with a much larger than average increase in the numbers of older people.

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In order to address these challenges the County Council's Social and Community Service suggested the Good Neighbour Scheme and an open meeting was arranged on 14 June 2010 at the Didcot Day Centre. Local councillors, members of the Chamber of Commerce, local voluntary groups, Age UK, SOHA, local carers and potential volunteers came together to discuss the scope and need for a good neighbour scheme for Didcot. The response was very positive.

All organisations represented felt that there was a need, clients from the Day Centre had fed back that they would use the scheme and knew friends and neighbours who were interested in joining. It was also thought to be beneficial if the scheme joined up with current Didcot voluntary groups to avoid duplication of services.

As a result of the interest shown at the meeting it was decided to seek people who were willing to set up and operate such a scheme, appoint a steering group and to seek funding from Oxfordshire County Council

DGNS steering committee

DGNS committee

The current committee is:

Chairperson     Denise Macdonald
Co-ordinator    Sandy Sparrowhawk
Treasurer        Vikki Fielden
Secretary        Alice Barkell


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